Another dumb story from back in the day.  Bare with me!  When I was shooting stills and wanted to start directing!  In 1991 they told me photographers don’t direct or shoot motion.  I was like what the fuck does that mean.  Making the transition to motion wasn’t easy and not something clients liked.  The people in the music video and commercial world were always negative about my ideas & plans.  Jealous?  Small minded?

It has changed a lot since then.  More and more photographers are directing and most of all shooting motion.  I’ve never shoot motion (video/film).  I prefer to direct and lead.  Plus I love working with great DP’s.  I’ve been blessed to work with some talented fucks in my time.  My favorite was Martin Coppen!  A legend in the music video world and just a talented man with everything he does.  I learned a lot from him and will always be grateful.

I think if you want to shoot motion, you should.  I think these days its better for business.  Most clients want stills and videos from a shoot.  Most cant’t afford two shooters so bring both skills with you and it makes you more valuable.  Also when you can work with a real DP and I promise you will learn a lot.  They know shit that you haven’t even thought of yet!