The best camera company today is Apple.  The iPhone is an amazing camera and you can also text from it.  How cool is that?  The quality of the camera is only getting better.  I love shooting with it more than ever.  I have made some amazing prints from my iPhone.  I love the wide lens most of all, but then again I love wide lenses for everything.

Why am I saying all this?  It’s cuz a lot of friends ask me what camera I recommend and what camera do I use for fun.  My answer is the iPhone.  To be serious, it’s a very good camera and it’s easy to use.  Who really needs an SLR for fun?  Who needs a mirrorless for fun?  I used to have a point & shoot film camera back in the day and it couldn’t shoot as good as my iPhone.

I think the simple key is not look down on them and do not be afraid to use them.  They are easy and produce great results.  I just wish I had one back in the day when I was on tour with George Michael in 1988 or in Seattle in 1991.  I wish I had an iPhone back when I was shooting Jane’s Addiction’s Lollapalooza Tour in 1991.  OMFG!!!  The shots I could have gotten would have been insane!

In conclusion… use your iPhone, have fun with your iPhone and just shoot as much as you can.  Get creative with post production.  Make prints, play with filters and grain.  Just don’t except what you see.  Have fun and create your best.  The iPhone can do it all and I haven’t even discussed the video side.