Boring subjects make boring photos.  It’s that simple.  Do your best to get the best subjects you can and you will get best results.  I love shooting crazy and damaged subjects!  They make me look good and I have fun creating with them.  This is why I never shoot doctors, lawyers, accountants and normal everyday people.  Give me crazy ALL day everyday.

Just remember yer only as good as your subject.  You hear me saying it all the the time… my subjects made me look good.  Cuz it’s true.  Models, musicians, actors and anyone crazy works for me.  You need to look for the crazy.  Ask around, search socials and ask your friends.  Just don’t shoot boring subjects please.  

One more thing… Shooting crazy can be crazy and be a lot of work.  Just know the more you do, the more you get used to it.  You learn how to deal with the crazy and get the most out of them.  Boring people are just boring and you get nothing but boring in return.  Make sense?  Do I sound crazy?  Cuz I am.  I live by my motto… “Be crazy, don’t be stupid.”