Back in my day we did NOT have the internet or YouTube.  We had books, magazines and hard work.  I was the type of photographer that had to learn everything the hard way.  It’s how I roll through life.  I love the art of practice, practice and then practice some more.  The old cliche is true… Practice makes improvement.  I was told you do it over and over.  Keep trying, perfect the idea or technique.  Just do it again.

I remember testing lighting ideas on test shoots so that when the paying job came along I was good to go.  My assistants and I would do test shoots just to learn.  We didn’t look for short cuts.  We did the work.  Kind of like sports… you practice your skills, the plays and get better with every practice.  All because you did it over and over.  

I loved doing test shoots and still do.  As matter of fact I need to step up my game cuz I want to learn more.  Testing is everything for a photographer.  There are NO short cuts and YouTube will not help.  You can use YouTube as a reference, but that is it!  Get off your lazy ass and get to work.  Make mistakes!  Fuck everything up!  The best way to learn is by doing!!!  Test your ALL your ideas and I promise you will get better.