What the fuck is this site ALL about?
It’s all about teaching & learning.  I get asked all the time for advice and I love helping where I can.  I thought making a site that can help upcoming photographers and creatives was a great way to give back.

Why do we need another website?
I have no idea.  I guess it’s cuz I have some free time and it’s fun to do.

Who is the Life Coach?
It’s me, you and everyone who contributes?

What do you know about photography today?
I know a little and a lot.  Photography hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years, but the business has.

Who will contribute?
I hope you do.  I’m gonna try and get as many photographers and photography lovers to help out.  If yer interested, please let me know.

What is my goal with this website?
To educate and have fun.  That’s what I do everything!

How long have I been a photographer?
50 years and counting.  Can’t stop, won’t stop!

What was the best advice I ever got?
I got this when I was a kid… “The most important piece of equipment you own is your reputation.”

What do I love about photography?
Everything!  It gave me the life I have now!  It’s never been easy!!!  I’m so grateful to have done what I love for 50 years now.

Last, any plans for another website?
You never know.  I have SO many ideas.  Right now I’m gonna focus on PhotographyLifeCoach.com.