Back in the day to market myself I used to send out promo card.  I used to send out these cards every month to magazines, record labels, ad agencies, publicists and so many more.  I think at my peak I averaged 2000+ a month.  OUCH!  That’s a lot of postage.  I have a copy of every promo card I ever made.  The history is crazy!  I love looking at them and seeing the progress.

Now days I send out a monthly newsletter.  I give an update of what I’m doing, share some thoughts and plug my websites.  It’s just a simple reminder for everyone to know I’m still here, working hard and having fun.  The key like the old days is to be consistent and creative.  I pride myself in both.

There are many websites these days that help with Newsletters.  I use for years now.  It’s simple and easy.  I design my Newsletters with a template I found online and just edit it each month.  Super simple and easy.  I suggest you come up with a simple marketing plan that helps you reach your target audience on a consistent basis.  Just do it now!!!