I’m a organization fanatic.  Ever since I was a kid I like being organized.  I can’t work if I’m not organized.  I’m not OCD at all.  I just like being organized.  I feel it helps be keep track of everything and I get more done.  Here’s some basic thoughts on how to be organized…

  1. Color – color coding is key!  I use color coding for everything!
  2. BusyCal – my favorite Mac app for keeping track of my life.
  3. Shot List – I also have a basic list of ideas that I want to do before every shoot no matter how big or small.   Gotta have a plan.
  4. Alphabetize – Duh!  This is the easy one.
  5. Be Prepared – Plan ahead and preproduction is key for everything shoot.
  6. Labels – I label everything that needs a label.  This way I know what it is for and why I have it.
  7. NeoFinder – A great Mac App that I use to catalog ALL my hard drives.
  8. Plastic Boxes – Great for storage and they’re see-thru so you can see what you have.
  9. Yellow Notepads – I have them in every room next to every computer.  I use them for ideas, notes, plans and just about everything.
  10. 3×5 Cards – I live and breathe my 3×5 cards.  I used them everyday for my daily To-Do lists.  They also are great for jotting down ideas & goals.