I’ve talked about this many times before.  Like too many times, but I am again.  SHOOT EVERYTHING!!!  Being a photographer is about curiosity, passion, story telling and having fun.  SO… be curious and passionate about your story telling and have fun doing it.  Shoot everything at least once.  I was taught that when I was a kid and have worked hard doing it.  I still have a couple subject matters I want shoot and experience.  I’ve done a lot, but not everything.

The key is to create a wish list of subjects, ideas and stories that you want to experience and shoot.  Make sense?  Then as you go through life and career, you shoot everything on this list.  Trust me the list never ends.  UGH.  I look at my list every few months and make sure I’m working on it.  So, work on your list now!

Here’s an example of what WAS on my list and what is on my list NOW… 

WAS – Flowers, Nudes, Plants, Scenics, Musicians, Fashion, Products, Sports, Groups, Movie Poster, Album Cover and more.

NOW – Hip Hop Legends, More Flowers, Street Photography (More like Beach Photography in Bondi Beach), Nudes and more.

Just know that after all these years I have done more than anyone knows cuz I’m always working my list.  SO make your list and work your list!  Do it today!!!