This is another rant about life, photography and getting old.  Back when I started shooting a roll of film was 65 cents.  Now there basically is no film.  If there is film it’s super expensive!  I’m happy about the past, but these are different times.  The business has changed big time since I started.

The biggest change for me is the amount of photos taken and photographers there are.  It’s crazy!  More photos are taken everyday than ever before thanks to phones!  Everyone is a photographer these days thanks to phones.  When I moved to LA there were 20-30 big time photographers and now there are hundreds if not thousands.  

One last thing… back in the day the rates/fees were bigger and nice.  I feel bad for all photographers these days not getting paid for what they are worth.  For the service they provide these days they don’t get paid enough.  I understand why, but it sucks.  I’m don’t think photography will go back to the good old days, but thank god I had the good old days.