NO!  I don’t shoot film anymore.  I haven’t shot film in 15+ years and have no desire to.  Mainly cuz the film I loved most is not made anymore.  That film Polaroid 665!  A positive negative film that I shot with my Polaroid 110B camera!  Film was great for me, but I don’t miss using it for my work.

If you want to try film photography here’s some simple thoughts… try all films.  If you can shoot 120 medium format film go for it.  35mm is OK, but 120 is the best.  If you can get prints made in a darkroom, go for it.  It’s a great way to truly appreciate film.  I’m not sure how many photo labs there are, but here in Los Angeles there are more than a few.

If you can shoot some Polaroid as well.  I used to love Polaroid.  Getting that instant result was always fun.  I used to shoot a ton of Polaroid when on tour with bands.  It was fun to give them away and they always made everyone smile.  They have lots to choose from… try them ALL.