I started shooting nudes when I was 17 years old.  I couldn’t wait and I was so excited at the time.  One more step in my career.  It was a big step for sure.  At the time I was trying to be fine art and serious with my nudes.  I thought I was Irving Penn or Richard Avery.  

When shooting nudes I get serious about making sure the model is comfortable.  Make sure she is good in every way.  Treat the model with respect and be nice always.  Even if she is your wife or girlfriend.  You gotta respect the talent, but especially if they are naked.  

Enjoy the process and treat the model with respect and you will get the results you will look.  Make sure you also make the location comfortable.  Make sure your model is feeling good and in a good mood.  Last… when you make the final photos, make some prints for the model  If she likes the results she will come back for more.