Not to long ago I needed portfolios to sell my work, these days its the website.  Back in the day I had tried every kind of portfolio you could think of… 8.5×11 prints, 11×14 prints, chrome boards, laminated tear sheets and even 16×20 laminated prints.  The last 10 years I stuck with 9×12 print books.  I had 6 different kinds of books and duplicates of each.  There was music, celebrity, portrait, glamour and so many more.  The rule was simple… Do NOT mix the subject matter and confuse my clients.

I like to keep my subjects separate.  You never show your music client pix of sexy grrls.  You don’t show your rock band pix if you looking to shoot celebrities.  Don’t confuse your clients.  Remember they are looking for one thing.  They are looking for the one image that will get them to hire you.  Just don’t confuse anyone including yourself.

Now that the portfolios have died along with film, we now use websites to sell our talent.  Again I tried all kinds of websites and now I have this one you are looking at.  Since I’m not selling myself like I use to I decided to do more of a blog, but I still have portfolios to show.  As you can see I keep the subject matter separate.  I don’t show too much and I do my best to keep it simple.  Too many times photographers try to show everything they have done and that is NOT good.  A BIG rule of mine… The worst foto you show will be the one they remember, so make sure the worst photo is really good.

Since you are doing your website… Please keep it simple and clean.  Tricks are for kids.  No bells and whistles.  Let your images do the talking.  Let your talent shine!  Let your vision shine!  These days its easier than ever to make your own site, but don’t hesitate to get help.  Make sure your site is easy to navigate.  Also make sure it looks good on an iPad since everyone seems to have one these days!  Last and not least… Make sure you keep it update and current.  Too many photographers make their site and do not update it for months at a time.  Not a good idea!