Where did you learn to shoot pix?  How did you learn?  These days you can learn everything in school or the internet.  YouTube is a great place to go for everything you need to learn, but that is not how I learned how to shoot.  I went to the school of hard knocks and got a masters degree.  I just did it and made my mistakes.  I just learned by doing.

My thoughts these days is to learn where ever you can, but if possible find yourself a mentor.  Find a photographer or a photographers assistant and ask for help.  Even better become an assistant!  Most of all… practice and never stop trying new things.  You don’t get better if you don’t practice.  It’s like anything in life… you get better with practice and you never stop practicing!  Don’t forget… never practice during a paying job!  You should know your shit before every job you do.  The client is NOT paying you to learn.

Get out and learn everything you can… business, post production, preproduction, lighting, marketing and shooting.  You can never know too much.  You can never be too smart.  I’ve never heard of anyone getting in trouble for being too smart!  Do everything and you will get better I promise.  DO THE WORK!!