Do you model?  Do you like to model?  Do you want to be a model?  Do you like models?  I’ve been around models since I shot my first one at the age of 12.  Then I started shooting for modeling schools around 16 years old and tested with models since then.  Here’s some basic tips for photographers when dealing with models.  These are things that have stuck with me ALL these years.

  1. Communication is Everything – Talking about your ideas that you want to shoot is very important.  Just let them know what you are looking for ahead of time.  Don’t spring your ideas right when you pull out the camera!
  2. Manners Matter – Be nice always!  Treat your models with respect!  Back in my day we were told never to touch a model without asking first.  Not a bad rule and it’s the right thing to do.
  3. Professional – Be a pro!  Treat them the way you want to be treated.
  4. Reputation is Everything – Your reputation is everything.  You don’t want to screw it up cuz models talk, agents talk and crews talk.
  5. Listen – Yes!  Listen to your model, don’t ignore or disrespect.
  6. Rules of the Game – Shoots are different and have different rules.  Make sure you know the rules and live by them.
  7. Agents – Respect the models and their agents.  If you get on the good side of an agent you get better models and it creates more work for you.
  8. Slow Down – This is just me, but some models move too fast when in front of the camera.  I like my models to mover slower and not try too hard.  
  9. Less is More – With everything in life, less is more.  I like my models to keep things simple.  Simple last the longest!
  10. Don’t Shit Where You Eat – It’s an old say, but so true.  DON’T mess with talent EVER!!!  Did you hear me?  DON’T mess with talent EVER!!!  One more time… DON’T mess with talent EVER!!!