How much do you charge?  What is your day rate?  Do you charge by the hour?  How do you charge for the work that you provide?  These are great questions and I’m curious what the answers are.  When I started out we used to have a day rate and a half day rate.  Magazines had rate for size of photo and usage.  

Today it’s a different world.  The biz is different.  When someone wants to hire me the first thing I ask is… what’s your budget?  I like to make them tell what they are thinking instead of saying some number that is wrong.  I try to get as much info as I can.  When is the shoot?  What is it for?  How will the images be used and for how long?  Who owns the copyright?

Get as much info as you can before you start to negotiate.  Then figure out what it will take to do the shoot.  This will give you a good starting point.  One thing I always looked for with every job I did…. What is the opportunity?  Sometimes less money and more opportunity made it all worth my time.  NO matter what you decide to do, give it 100% and nothing less.